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About the brand

wool composition hand-knitted items in france
Marlon and little friends is a London-based, individual and independent small brand that cares about the products your little ones are wearing.
Our aim is to create a children's wear brand matching vintage and hand-knitted clothes which can be passed from generation to generation.
Each look has a contemporary and creative style which shows personality.
Our range of vintage clothes are selected carefully, in France and England - for their fabric, embroidery, individuality and uniqueness. 
Our hand-knitted clothes are made in France by passionate knitters with a know-how passed down through generations. Each piece is constructed with care, from quality yarns made in Europe.
By choosing Marlon and little friends, you are acquiring delicate, crafted items, with a story to tell.
Unique pieces create unique style.


Our community of knitters

Each garments is associated to one of our knitters, they are a key part to our brand. They have been hand-picked from around France for their specific know-how, expertise and passion for knitting.

Our items are labelled with the name of our knitters to create a direct link with our customers and to give our garments a special story.


A different shopping experience

We want to give you a different shopping experience: understand the process of how our clothes are created, and a transparency on the garments we are choosing to make them (certification such as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100).

The vintage items we are proposing are not only selected for their uniqueness and timeless aspect, but they are as well part of a reusable and conscious process.

The knitted garments are thoroughly handmade by people who spent hours on each pieces.

They are long lasting and heritage pieces: Cherished hand-knits linking generations.