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Washing & Care


-The wool and cotton we use for our garments are machine washable but only on a cold temperature, no more than 30 degrees, and on a delicate or wool program. The spin shouldn't be more than 600. Only wash your woollens in a washing machine you trust and have been already used for woollens.

-Some of our woollen garments, like the 'Hansel' bonnets and sweaters, should be washed on delicate, cold water, with a special woollen detergent and without a Spin Cycle. Please check our products page.

Garments with buttons : wash them buttoned and on the reverse side as the tub of the washing machine could damaged them.

Please note that we use ‘Natural wood buttons’ and the colour will become lighter over time and after being washed. As any garments with buttons for babies, please check regularly they are safely attached and in good conditions as they could present a choking hazard. 

To dry your item: lay it on a dry towel, in order to keep it flat, and in the shade.

-To wash your item by hand, plunge it in cold water (below 30 degrees, ambient temperature) with a bit of wool detergent. 
Rinse it well in a cold clear water, without twisting it.
To dry it: dispose it on a towel and roll both of them (towel+knit) at the same time, pressing it a bit in order to absorb the water. Don’t wring or twist it. Then, reshape it and lay it flat on a dry towel, in the shade.
-Drying your items in the shade will help to keep the colours as new, as fading may occur in long periods of time in direct sunlight.
-Hand wash and caring for your wool will extend the period of life of your garments, enabling them to be transmitted to the next generation.
You can add in your wardrobe some cedar or lavender essence which is a natural repellent for moths.
Because merino wool is naturally antibacterial, you don't need to wash your garments often. But it is very important to wash them before you will storage them for a long period of time as moths are attracted to dirty wool!



As they are true vintage items, they sometimes don't have a label. The fibre content specified is at the best of our knowledge. Please do not hesitate to ask us more questions if you wish to.

We recommend to wash your items by hand due to the aged garments, or on a wool/delicate program (low temperature).

No tumble dry. Iron on a low temperature if applicable.

Please keep all vintage garments away from fire.