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The story

"Marlon and little friends is the result of two very important stories in my life.

The first story is about my love of vintage. 
As a child I spent many holidays at my grandma’s house in the South of France. I have many memories, but the one I remember the most is hunting for little treasures in my grandma’s wardrobes, while listening to her tales about our family's past. Each item I found had a different story.
Simone, my grand-mother, Carcassonne, 1946
This love for leftovers never left me. And even before having a baby myself, I would look for baby and children clothes in flea markets. 
I have always been intrigued by their beauty and detailing, especially the pieces from the 1920’s to 1970’s.
The second story is the birth of my son Marlon. 
I am lucky enough to have a mum with a passion for knitting. With her help, I was able to experiment and design garments for Marlon as a baby. There has been lots of interest in these designs from other parents and friends, which has made me realise that this is something people are looking for. To have a story behind these knitted items, to know they are one-of-a-kind, to take distance from mass production and come back to a more crafted, handmade ethic.
With many years in luxury retail for children’s wear, I have decided to take a chance and build a brand matching vintage clothes mainly from the 20’s to the 70’s with hand-knits, for newborn to 3 years old."  Emilie, Founder